We’re Stephanie and Rochelle, Iron & Bragg, best buds turned business partners.

We started this journey together six years ago and it has been the best job we could ever dream up. We hope you’ve had the chance to explore this space a bit, because these photos are our gold. We love every single person in these photos!

Whether its photographing a fresh newborn in the comfort of your home, or a family photoshoot with three hyper kids who can’t sit still and keep poking each other, or a beautiful bride walking down the aisle, we are here for it. We love all of the unknowns, the unexpected, the laughter, tears… all the moments that are unique to you… we want to capture it. Our hope as photographers is to never make you feel fake, unsure of yourself, or awkward. We want you to know straight up, that we love you. Yep. We do, and maybe we’ve never even met you. But it’s the truth! We genuinely love people. We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve fallen in love with the sweet grandma at a wedding, or the two year old that just wont sit still for a photo, or the sweet little babe swaddled in the bassinet.

So while you check out the rest of this website, we hope you feel happiness. We hope you can see yourself in these photos because these are real people who have invited us into their safe space and boy do we feel thankful.


Steph & Rochelle