Rubyanne & Caleb // Uxbridge, ON

Rubyanne & Caleb came to us late last winter to ask about shooting their wedding. One of the things we love to do most when a couple chooses us is to do their engagement photos too. This gives us a chance to get to know the couple well enough so that the day of their wedding we aren't spending any time figuring each other out. 

This was exactly the case for these two! We'll save all of the touchy feely stuff for when we get a chance to blog about this incredible couples' wedding, but this day was so much fun! When we were talking about locations for this session, at one point Rubyanne just casually mentioned she had a family farm just outside of Uxbridge. What she didn't mention was that this was a stunningly gorgeous farm - with massive beautiful trees, a gorgeous view of Uxbridge farmlands, and a picturesque barn. Okay, fine, I suppose that would be a good location ;) 

Super stoked to share the photos from their beautiful wedding day too, but for now- enjoy the view!