The Phair Family // Uxbridge, ON

I absolutely adore crazy families! It's the crazy moments with family that gives life character. A little brother strangling his bigger sister at the dinner table in sweet revenge, a big sister pinning down her helpless little sister only to give her a big, huge, wet willy (and to top it off burp right in her face), a little sister stealing her big sister's Abercrombie t-shirt and thinking she can get away with it if she wears a massive oversized sweater (yes, these are all true events). Crazy, lovely families- it makes life interesting. 

A month ago I got to do a family photo shoot for the Phair family, and I had a blast! I loved how honest they were with each other and how much fun they have together too. I know for a fact that this household is filled with love, laughter and so much fun - I love it! I know too, that the moments this family spends together are cherished. 

I met with this beautiful family in the absolutely stunning Durham Forest in Uxbridge, ON. Man oh man, this is by far one of my most favourite locations to shoot. It feels enchanted with the tall tree's pointing upwards towards the sky, and the variety of landscape makes for a perfect location. 

This photo shoot was also special because Jennifer Phair was the winner of the Facebook contest I did earlier in the year! I am so thankful to all of you who participated- watch out for another one soon! 

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