The Wilson Family // Uxbridge, ON

I had the opportunity this past Thanksgiving to do a photo shoot for my cousins, the Wilsons. It was about time, since my "Auntie" Lisa has been probably by far my most loyal fan, follower and promoter - and now since collaborating with Rochelle, she continues to do so. I could not be more grateful for her support! 

You'd think I'd have a lot to complain about as a kid growing up with a family of 4 boys as cousins. Admittedly, it was probably them who complained more about me (especially Sam, who I bugged incessantly about having the brightest red hair). I was a tom boy through and through though, so this was a dream for me. Especially since they lived down the road from us and road hockey and swimming play dates happened often. Those poor boys ... having to play road hockey with a girl who was better than them ... sigh... ;)

This shoot was so much fun. I brought along my hubby Andrew, who was perfect for carrying all of my things (including my little step stool which has now become a joke with clients) and making dry jokes to lighten the mood. It was perfect, especially since boys don't tend to love photo shoots, and this one in particular was threatening to cut into their "guys golf day". Still though, it doesn't take much to get a good smile out of these guys, you'd think they are a family of models!

Love this family, loved this morning in Uxbridge. Enjoy!