The Evans Families // Uxbridge, ON

This sounds a bit like I'm over exaggerating... but the truth is, I don't think I'd be the photographer I am today without this family and specifically these kids! They have spent most of their young lives fighting off my incessant desire to photograph every moment of their lives. Thankfully they've allowed me to capture a lot of moments - but I won't say those moments weren't without a few shouts of "no more pictures plllleeeeaaassseee!"

My sister Sarah and her husband Chris recently had the idea of surprising Chris' Mom and Dad with a photo book for Christmas. I was honoured when they, along with Greg (Chris' brother), Caitlin and their little guy Ben asked me to do it for them. This was so much fun - and guess what, they totally cooperated (sort of)! The fact that we were able to get a photo with all of my sisters' kids looking and (almost) smiling was nothing short of a miracle. I had never had the chance to meet little Ben, either. And boy... is he going to be a heart breaker! 

Love this location and these families. Enjoy!