What equipment do we use? Both of us shoot with a Canon EOS 6D and a few lenses on the go. We try to avoid using an external flash and prefer natural lighting but know that conditions do not always allow for that. In that case, you can expect to see us with an external flash for darkly lit environments. We keep our baggage fairly simple, the focus should be on you, not us. 

Why do you always shoot weddings with two photographers? Weddings are a big day with many magical but fast-moving moments. Your day will come and go in the blink of an eye! Because we're both married and have planned our own weddings, we know this to be true. We have found that having two photographers allows many more moments to be captured and therefore more photos in your wedding album! It is an almost guarantee that no moments will be missed. 

What does the process look like for booking a wedding? Once an inquiry is made (regarding pricing or available dates etc.) we will respond via email answering any questions and ask for any details that are additionally needed. In most cases, it's best to have a quick in person or on-the-phone meeting so you can get an idea of who we are - plus it's an opportunity for us to hear a bit of what your day looks like! Once that's done, the choice is up to you! Don't worry, we'll wait 2 weeks before booking anything else on your date, and of course we'll contact you if need be. If you decide to go with us, we'll send you a contract and instructions on where to go from there. Whew! Don't worry though, we'll go over all of this when we chat. 

What kind of photo's do you capture? We can't stress enough how much we love capturing organic moments. Although, as  photographers we will come prepared to put you in the positions we need you to be in but we do our absolute best to capture you being yourself. We don't want you coming away with photographs that don't show who you are and what your story is. 

What is an "unplugged wedding"? An unplugged wedding is a ceremony where we request iPads, iPhones or other electronics be put away during significant moments (like the first kiss or the bride walking down the aisle). This is never a requirement for weddings we shoot, but it is something for you and your fiancé to consider if you want photos clean and clear of distractions. A simple announcement is usually made by the officiant at the beginning of the ceremony and that's it! 

Are we creative? We absolutely LOVE when people suggest new, fun and interesting locations to shoot. When inquiring we will suggest places for photography sessions, but we are open to hearing what you have in mind. Especially if you have a vision for how you want your photos to look. We want to cater to you so don't be shy with your suggestions! 

Can we use props in our photos? YES! 

Are you willing to travel internationally? Again, YES! If you choose to inquire, mention the location of the wedding upfront and we can discuss approximate cost. However, cost will cover all travel expenses and lodging. 

What should we wear to a photo shoot?  Ultimately, if you look yourself, you look your best! If you're still unsure, here's a few helpful guidelines. 

What to wear:
1. Wear something that suits you! Be personal- wear something that makes sense to you and that shows who you are.
2. Wear something comfortable!
3. Don't be afraid to wear bold colours or patterns. As long as all of the colours compliment each other, the more character, the better.
4. Compliment each other, try to avoid being too matchy-matchy.
5. Think of where we are doing the shoot and wear something that makes sense with that setting (i.e. if the location is a green forest area, try to wear something that will compliment the colours).
6. Specific for winter: We can do shots with jackets on and jackets off- if you are going to wear a jacket, wear one that you would want to see in photos.

What NOT to wear:
1. Tennis or running shoes.
2. Most of the time, anything with branding logo's, labels or strange, unsymmetrical patterns (unless of course it looks cute - we trust your judgement)!