The Vyfschafts // Bradford, ON

Oh to be a photographer and get to meet the sweetest families ever as our job! I ventured up to Bradford a few months ago to visit with the Vyfschaft family and it was so much fun! At first their little guy was a bit hesitant - in fact he was downright afraid of me - which made taking photos of their beautiful family a bit more tricky. I have to say though, that what we ended up getting is so much better than what I had envisioned. I love the feel of this shoot- so raw and genuine and real. 

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The Stewarts // Belhaven, ON

We are SO thrilled the be able to share this session with a beautiful new family! These three were such champs. Doing a newborn shoot requires patience and a laid-back attitude and it couldn't have gone better with Randy, Christine & Charlie. They carry parenting with such grace and humility - there is no question Charlie is a lucky man! He's such a little man too- yet another potential little friend for our babes! 

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The Hansens // Guelph, ON

As if this little guy is here! I have to be honest... when I found out Brenna & Trent - some of my best friends in the whole world - were expecting their first little one, it was one of the more emotional moments for me. Brenna & Trent to me, represent such joy and faithfulness. They are perfect together, and to me any combination of their personalities being made into a new little human being would be incredible and an excellent addition to this world! 

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Hansens, Braggs & Ironsides // Maternity // Rockwood, ON

Sometimes in life there are things that you can't even believe are real. This is one of them... in so many ways! As many of you know, not only have we both decided to start a new business, but we've been on another crazy adventure... pregnancy! Both of our little ones have arrived already (1 week apart!), and so now we are catching up on some of our blogs. This one is pretty exciting too :)

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Ema & Eric Gender Reveal! // Streetsville, ON

This. Was. So. Fun!! Ema & Eric (who now have a 3 month old little stud!) asked us to do their gender reveal photos and we couldn't have been more honoured! These two are so cute and have been through thick and thing together. Little E is a lucky man to have you as parents!