Reenie & Padraic // Toronto, ON

This past September, I got the chance to capture another beautiful wedding- and what a day it was! 

Reenie and Padraic got married at the chic and classy Local Restaurant & Lounge located on the Danforth in T.O. It was a stunning day for a stunning couple! I loved the different feel of this ceremony, it was creative and unique and worked so well! And of course, the groom Padraic, is a native Irishman which is always a bonus in my mind! (I love the Irish!). 

Just as a note, the cake - which you'll (definitely) notice in the photos - is beautifully handcrafted by none other than The Cocoa Cakery, who, if I do say so myself is unbelievably talented! Many thanks to Christina (the mastermind behind The Cocoa Cakery) for recommending me for this beautiful day! 

Blessings on you, Reenie & Padraic, as you begin this amazing journey of marriage!  


p.s. Many massive thanks to the talented Darrin Henein for assisting me.