Lindsay & Ian // Oshawa, ON

This wedding was smack-dab in the middle of our wedding season - and for that it was absolutely perfect. Located at Trillium Trails Banquet Centre in Oshawa, ON and on the most lovely of days, Lindsay & Ian celebrated their new life together! Throughout the whole wedding planning process, there was a sense that this couple were extra special, and they definitely did not disappoint. 

This day was filled with tons of laughter, tons of emotion, and tons of joy. Just take a look at Ian's face when he first saw his bride walking towards him - he could barely stand up! On top of this, their (huge) wedding party was so much fun - you'll probably notice that from the pictures. And when a couple is equally hilarious and romantic, it makes for a pretty fun day for us. 

We loved every detail of Lindsay & Ian's day - from the absolutely stunning colours they chose, right down to the emotional speeches and hilarious reception games. We didn't want to leave! 

One of the most memorable parts of this day was how evident it was that their marriage and relationship is an encouragement to all those around them. It doesn't take a genius to understand that when a couple has such a huge wedding party - it probably means that they are hugely loved and supported. They are a couple who you automatically feel welcomed and encouraged by - it was a joy to work with them.

Lindsay & Ian, we wish you the absolute best in this new adventure!

Rochelle & Stephanie