Bex & Colin // Port Severn, ON

This wedding was probably one of the most memorable ones for us this summer! While we were driving up north, we knew there was a possibility that rain would threaten to squash their hopes of having an outdoor ceremony on Colin's gorgeous cottage property. As the morning went on, this possibility grew stronger and stronger. I've heard it said before - when a couple are more concerned about the wedding than the marriage, there might be a problem - and although there were a few tears, Bex & Colin rode through the difficulties of having to change their plans like absolute champs. It was evident what was most important to them. 

Because of the rain, the ceremony was postponed an hour with the eventual decision to bring everything inside to Colin's cottage. Let's get this straight: Colin's cottage is a fair size, but definitely not made to host over 100 of their loving friends and family for a cozy ceremony... it was packed! Yet in a strange way, it was almost like God was preparing something even greater, even more memorable than what anyone had hoped or imagined! Often times it's the couple who create the atmosphere for the day. If they are uptight, everyone is uptight. If they are upset, everyone is upset. If they are singing worship songs at the top of their lungs (while dancing up a storm), everyone sings worship at the top of their lungs (while dancing up a storm). The latter being Bex & Colin. It was hard to not shed a tear as you watched just how happy these two were to get married, and how content they were with what God had given them for their day. 

It's one of the great things about being a wedding photographer. Oftentimes we leave feeling more inspired about life and love than we did arriving...tough job eh?

This is a special couple. There were so many little pieces of the day that made it just amazing. We will probably butcher this because it was so beautiful, but Colin summed up the feeling of the day (and them as a couple) with what he said to Bex during their thank you speech: "Bex, seeing you walk down that aisle today was like a burst of light... and that's how I feel about you every day"

We think these two will be just fine :) 


Rochelle & Stephanie