Larisa & Greg // Scarborough, ON

How lovely that in this job, we get to connect with people during such an incredible time in their lives! Meeting with Larisa over this past year has been a huge blessing, both because it was an opportunity to hear about and meet her love, Greg, but also because it was a chance to reconnect with someone who is just so incredibly amazing. What a joy to be there on the best day of her life thus far!

It's so cool how God can bring people back into your life as a way to bless and encourage you!  

Having had the chance to catch up with Larisa, it quickly became evident not only how compatible her and Greg were, but how deep and special their love is. I don't know if it's possible to see a couple that calms one another so much. When you see the two of them look into each other's eyes, you see that they are home and that the other person represents so much comfort. This was especially evident on their wedding day - I mean come on, look at those first-look shots, if that doesn't melt your heart, what will!? 

Larisa & Greg, you two are so lovely! 



p.s. Another huge thanks to Stephanie Carter of SRC Photography for her help in capturing this day!