Mabel & Jonathan // Toronto, ON

You might remember Mabel & Jonathan from their engagement session a few months back. It was obvious that they were a beautiful couple because of working with them earlier - and now after having done their wedding it is only more evident! 

What was lovely about this wedding was that there were so many incredibly special moments! It was so beautiful how Mabel & Jonathan embraced some of the traditions of their families because this gave us the opportunity to capture so many emotional, hilarious, and memorable moments. From Jonathan's first glimpse of Mabel during the door games (you'll see the anticipation growing in the photos below!), to the exchange of their personal vows just before the ceremony (again, this moment may make a perfect stranger cry...), to the moment they saw each other walking down the aisle, all the way to Jonathan's dad's very emotional and touching speech. Tears come during most weddings, but this one was an especially impactful one. 

I remember doing their engagement photos and especially noticing how much Jonathan was amazed by Mabel's beauty. The day of their wedding was no different! Mabel & Jonathan are one of those couples who you know will shape this world for the better. The faith they have in God and the love they have for people, especially people who are struggling, will only be enhanced as they start a life together. That's awesome. 

Mabel & Jonathan, thank you for choosing us to capture your day! 


p.s. Special thanks to Stephanie Carter of SRC Photography for filling in for Rochelle during this day!